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The Monster Who Ate My Peas

Published on Apr 03, 2014 by Parker Playhouse

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ArtsPower National Touring Theatre’s newest original musical theater production, The Monster Who Ate My Peas, brings a fresh meaning to the well-known phrase, “It’s not easy being green,” at least, if you’re a kid with a plateful of unwanted green peas.

Based on the book of the same title by Danny Schnitzlein and illustrated by Matt Faulkner, The Monster Who Ate My Peas follows the daily dinnertime dilemma that our hero, Danny, must face: eating his peas! Not the first, and certainly not the last, this young man, like countless other children, would do just about anything to make those dreaded peas disappear, including making a deal with a monster. After much wishing, the monster Danny was hoping for finally appears, ready to make a deal every time Danny needs to eat his peas. Now, it’s time for our hero to choose between the monster clearing his plate of peas or saying goodbye to that which is most dear to him. Will the boy make the difficult choice that could separate him from what he loves the most?

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