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Feel the Heat of the Music, History and More in August

NSU Museum of Art | Fort Lauderdale's "When the Stars Begin to Fall"

The temperature may be rising in August, but along the Riverwalk Arts & Entertainment (A&E) District, you’ll be happy to feel the heat of hot music, scintillating history and explosive art.

It’s a ‘Naturally’ Exciting July!

The Miami Generation: Revisited

Fort Lauderdale in July … the perfect time to get out and enjoy some amazing culture with a natural, outdoor twist. From a “jungle fantasy” to cruises on the Intracoastal and New River, Riverwalk Arts & Entertainment (A&E) District partners are presenting cultural events that show appreciation for the nature that surrounds us.

Appreciate the Start of Summer’s Cultural Season

2 for 1 Summer!

Those who serve our country, dads, Florida history, a sense of belonging … these are just a few of the things that Riverwalk Arts & Entertainment (A&E) District partners are appreciating with their exciting cultural events in June.

‘The Voice’ Tour and ‘American Idol® Live!’ Ticket Giveaways on Facebook Will Make You Sing!

The Voice Tour

Are you a fan of the hit TV shows “The Voice” and/or “American Idol®?” If so, you may be singing all the way to the Broward Center for the Performing Arts this summer with Riverwalk Arts & Entertainment (A&E) District’s ticket giveaways on Facebook, for both shows’ 2014 tour performances in Fort Lauderdale.

Summer Can Go to the Dogs in Pet-Friendly Fort Lauderdale

Ruby with gator scarf

Perfect images of summer in Fort Lauderdale: Strolling with your four-legged friend under the Florida sunshine down trendy Las Olas Boulevard, aside the rolling waves at Canine Beach, or along the New River at Riverwalk Linear Park.

Cultural Events are Blooming in May


May is a wonderful month to experience the flourishing culture of the Riverwalk Arts & Entertainment (A&E) District.

Transcend to the Romance of Riverwalk A&E District with the ‘Love Me, Love My … Ghost The Musical’ Package

Ghost the Musical

The love between characters Sam and Molly in “Ghost The Musical” is something out of this world.

April Brings ‘Ghosts,’ Opera, Stars, Architecture and More

FGO Tosca

Even though April is known for its spring showers that bring flowers, at the Riverwalk Arts & Entertainment (A&E) District, this month is marked by “Ghosts,” a time-honored opera, music under the stars, mid-century architecture and many more cultural wonders. Here’s a sampling of what’s happening at the Riverwalk A&E District this month:

It’s so MOD! North Beach Village Hosts 2nd Annual MOD Weekend, March 13–16

Mod Weekend 2014

The 1950s and ‘60s were a time of incredible growth in Fort Lauderdale, and the city’s Mid-Century Modern architecture reminds us of that booming era.

The Fun Extends Far Beyond the Cruise with Exciting ‘Cruise & Play’ Offers


You’re taking a fun-filled cruise vacation out of Fort Lauderdale’s Port Everglades, but you have some time to spare in the city before you get on and/or after your disembark.